Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Unintended Cosequence

Our governing houses (senate & representatives) try to "bully" one another into submitting to their point of view. Makes my brain hurt trying to keep up with who said what, when. 

Do I care? Yes. Do I want to filter my way through all of the rhetoric? No. So, I'll focus on something else...human nature.

You've seen the insurance commercial--you know the one--showing human inability (or should it be accountability?) when it comes to good decision making. You see a gentleman on a ladder-chainsaw in hand, cutting a branch on a tree (I am assuming in his yard) In the process in trimming his tree, the branch falls onto the top of the next door neighbor's car--the car is pretty much annihilated.

Now, if you stop to think about the analogy between this commercial, and our current state of government (or lack there of)'ll understand where I'm going with my train of thought. Had the gentleman in this commercial, taken the time to look where the branch might fall BEFORE trimming--he would've saved himself (and his neighbor) a tremendous amount of money & headache! Should I say, "unintended consequences".

Back to our wonderful leaders. 

Do you honestly think that by playing this Affordable Healthcare chess-match, that there wouldn't be "unintended consequences?" 

Kind of like cutting the limb off the tree, with no real fore-sight as to where that branch might fall.  

Left-brain says: stop the Affordable Health Care Act.  Right-brain says: "Go take a long walk off of a short pier! We're not taking anything less than an all-or-nothing bill!" I say "At who/what expense?"

Yosemite National Park. The Rim Fire devastated this area between August 2013--September 2013. The Northern part of Yosemite National Park (and many of the surrounding communities) were closed for quite sometime. This affected not just the lodging, restaurants, & gas stations outside of the park--but, the facilities inside Yosemite as well. Tourism in the park was cut by half (or more)--because most people figured the entire park was closed...many tourists just didn't bother going.

October 2013: Yosemite is required to inform it's guests, they will have 48 hours to vacate the park--due to lack of governmental funding. Why is the park closing? Currently, legislators are unable (unwilling) to reach across the political aisle and work out the issues. 

Yosemite took a financial blow due to the Rim Fire this year. Yosemite, (and it's surrounding support communities) will yet once again, take a tourism blow--this time, not due to arson, but the current legislative disagreements. 

Unintended Consequences?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Social Media

...where do to start?

Twitter: Started this business account (in 2009), thinking it would be a viable way to post up-coming sales & promotions, monthly blood screenings & our web-site updates. Has worked out pretty well for the most part.

Linked-In: The social-media for professional...what??? A "go-to" place, to see and network with other professionals for??? Is it a group of people looking for their next job--or a soap-box about some issue? (Isn't this true for MOST media?) Not too sure WHAT is suppose to be happening here. I guess I'll figure it out sometime!

Blogspot: Really like this forum--just don't always have the time to sit & type what seems important for the moment!

Pinterest: people really care to see what interests me? Does posting a picture really give you insight about someone? They say "A picture is worth a thousand words!" I guess there's some truth in that phrase. What do YOU see from what I post? Perhaps that I NEED a vacation?

Facebook: Okay...drag me kicking and screaming into this social media!!! This place is and can be a NIGHTMARE! Why? The never ending "privacy-issues!" Privacy changes--check your setting regularly! Changes come often enough they make your head swim!  We have a business "page"--working towards making it educational & professional.

Most of the 20 & 30 somethings--have NO CLUE that the things they post, can--and often DO come back around to bite them in the behind!!! Why do I say this? I am an employer. I see the kind of stupid things you do & post to your accounts (and the disgraceful language you use!!!)--sometimes airing ALL your laundry in a public forum!

Do I, as an employer--have the right to request the passwords to YOUR social-media accounts? Employers ARE doing this--until the courts put legislation into place to prevent it! 

We run profiles--we search the social-media sights. Don't want prospective employers to SEE the stupid things you do or say? DON'T POST IT!!! You NEVER know when your current employment (or your personal life) may take a left-turn--who'll be checking you out!    

There seems to be a certain amount of (perceived) anonymity within social-media. Some users feel that it's acceptable to say and do things in the privacy of one's home or office--not fully realizing that there may be severe repercussions!  

Do you fall into this category? 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2013

January 2013!

Seems time has moved so fast this last year--surprised to see how much time has elapsed since the last blog!

We're still here!  What a blessing this past year has been...on so many levels!  Business has been moving forward (albeit slowly!)  Been introduced to many new faces over the course of 2012--it's been a pleasure working with many of you on your "journeys" toward better health!
The opportunity arrived once again, allowing me to travel out to Utah during this last summer--if you've never experienced the desert during the summer months...this is truly a HOT adventure!  LOVE the desert!

We've been working on relocating our business for the past couple of years--since the downturn in the economy, construction here (as with many places around the country) came to a stand-still.  Commercial construction, slowly began to creep forward this last summer; our patience regarding relocation, will pay off as the economy continues to move forward.

Hopefully, the "Fiscal-Cliff" song from the government's broken record--has stopped skipping!!! Anxious to see what--if any, "unintended consequences" start to unfold as 2013 marches forward!

Here's wishing you Health, Prosperity & Happiness for 2013!!!